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Studio products
  • Primacoustic Voxguard sales hit #116 till 31st Jan 2012

OUT of STOCK now!
New shipment arriving soon! ETA 15 Feb 2012.
  • WindTech Popgard a smart accessory for studio/ home recording
  • Radial Engineering JDI/ Duplex top January sales

  • Heil Sound PR35 is the buyers pick for broadcast, interview and stage vocal applications
Not the best handheld microphone, but the best Dynamic handheld microphone available

Field products
  • Nanuk cases again selected by local polytechnic for storing field audio equipment
  • Direct Sound EX29 a hot product for field recordists
  • Lectrosonics UCR411a/ SMQV top choice for field recordists

    Best microphone system available for bag rig
  • Countryman B6 microphone top choice for field recordists

Sonosax SX62R 6 channels/ 8 tracks field recorder mixer

  • Lectrosonics HH Digital Hybrid Handheld Transmitter
  • Nanuk 935 hardcase with castors

Trend SPL software ( Available now!!)

Denecke video on TS3 timeslate and SBT Timecode generator

Denecke GR2 Timecode generator/ Reader ( Arriving soon!!)
The GR-2 is a precision time code generator/reader designed for production sound recording. Low power consumption with back lighting assures users of long battery life in a small reliable package.
The GR-2 reads, generates and jams to all the standard frame rates including 23.976 for High Definition Video. The Timecode I/O is on a 5 pin Lemo connector. An additional Timecode output is provided via a BNC connector. The temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) ensures low drift.
MSRP: USD800.00

PSC RF Multi SMA ( HOT product!!!)
contains two, separate, active 1 x 8 RF splitters for use with up to eight diversity receivers. This compact, rugged device was designed using the latest super low noise amplifiers and will operate over an extended frequency range of 470 to 870 Mhz. Its two inputs are traditional BNC connectors for ease of use in interfacing with your external antennas. Each of the outputs offers a typical isolation factor of 24 to 28dB between radio receivers. The PSC RF MULTI SMA also has the ability to power external powered antennas or remote line amplifiers. There are two top panel mounted switches. One controls overall power and the second switch provides remote antenna power when needed. Both switches light up when in use. This unit is powered from any external DC source of 10 to 15Vdc via the bottom panel mounted 4 pin Hirose connector. A sturdy belt clip is included for ENG bag use.


  • Operates from 470 to 870 Mhz **
  • Two (2) 1 into 8 active splitters
  • Provides remote antenna powering
  • Powered from external 10-15 Vdc
a product suitable for both field and indoor receiver setups
works with most microphone diversity receivers** and cost effective

Available now and more stock to arrive!

CAD Audio e300s Multi-pattern Condenser Microphone ( Arriving soon!!)

Powerful and articulate, the e300s blows away the competition with strength and precision. The externally-biased large-diaphragm capsule and high-power transformerless electronics deliver the vocal impact you deserve. Three polar patterns let you balance tone and space. Additional features include hi-pass filter, attenuator and power switch. Rechargeable NiMH batteries provide current reserve. Elastic shock mount and carrying case are included. P48 (48V) phantom power is required.

A e300s Microphone package will be available soon at our local retail dealer.

CAD Audio HA4
The HA4 is a compact stereo headphone amplifi er featuring four discrete channels with individual volume controls. Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio ensures optimum clarity and offers a transparent reproduction of your session.



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