New Distributing product - Telefunken Elektroakustik Microphones

AudioBridge takes on the distributionship of Telefunken Elektroakustik products in Singapore with effect from 15th Feb 2012

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ produces the world's finest microphones, from meticulously manufactured historic reproductions of classic vintage microphones that are handcrafted in the USA, to the R-F-T series of microphones that take advantage of the globalization of technology. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ has developed a unique revolutionary new diaphragm material called Alloy 2213™ for our CK-13™ capsule and an exceptional dynamic microphone for live and studio vocal performance. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ offers a wide range of accessories and restoration parts, including a vacuum tube replacement for the original TELEFUNKEN VF14. The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ TEC Award winning line includes the ELA M251, U47, U48, C12, AK47 MkII, AR-51, CU-29 "Copperhead", ELA M260, ELA M270, ELA M250, and M80 dynamic mic, as well as cables, large diaphragm and small diaphragm mics, and vintage microphones. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ microphones are built to a standard, not to a price.

Dynamic handheld M80 series

                                                  M80 Dynamic                                                                                         

M80 Limited Edition

M80 Gold

M80 Chrome

M80 Cherry


 M81 Universal Dynamic series

                                                          2012 NAMM New Product       
   Building off many of the strengths of the M80, the TELEFUNKEN M81 retains the same minimal proximity effect, superior feedback rejection, and articulate mid-range. However, with the M81, the top end is pulled back a bit, yielding a flatter overall frequency response. This combination results in a microphone with a wealth of body and clarity, making it a great tool for taming brighter vocals and guitar tones and for fattening up percussion, horns and thinner sounding sources.

The TELEFUNKEN M81's tailored frequency response makes the microphone exceptional on electric guitars, percussion, rack and floor toms, and brass instruments. This microphone's wide range of uses and rugged reliability make it the workhorse for the new generation.

Finished in the same flint gray body tube and tri-chrome head grill styling as the R-F-T AR-51, the M81 is readily identifiable when reaching for the microphone. The M81 was very much designed with the AR-51 in mind. Great care was taken to tune the M81's overall response to be complimentary to the AR-51 when recording electric guitars.

Basically, the TELEFUNKEN M81 is designed to be used on... well, anything and everything! It truly is a "Universal Dynamic Microphone."

 M80 WH Wireless Head for Shure Wireless handheld
 M80 WH ( Chrome)                                M80 WH Black

* Above products will arrive in Mar 2012

R F T Tube Microphone Series

CU- 29 "Copper Head" Tube Condenser Microphone ( New item)
The CU-29 'Copperhead' offers a warm, well-rounded low end accented by a delicate and intimate ‘air’ in the high end. The clarity and detail are unsurpassed by any other microphones near its surprisingly low price range.

R F T Tube Microphone Series
ELA M260 Small diaphragm Tube microphone

The small diaphragm ELA M 260 is arguably one of the industry's finest acoustic and classical recording tube mics, offering plenty of tone with excellent detail and clarity.

 R F T Tube Microphone Series
AR-51 Multi pattern Tube Microphone

The AR-51 provides a smooth mid-range, open top end, and solid, well-balanced low frequency translation to make it a great choice on anything from vocals to drums to acoustic guitar to saxophone.

Check with us ( or our local exclusive dealer ( for pricings and lead-time to order and other details with regards to Telefunken Elektroakustik products.

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