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New Products ( Arrived )

  • CAD Audio E300s Multipattern Studio Condenser Microphone

Powerful and articulate, the e300s blows away the competition with strength and precision. The externally-biased large-diaphragm capsule and high-power transformerless electronics deliver the vocal impact you deserve. Three polar patterns let you balance tone and space. Additional features include hi-pass filter, attenuator and power switch. Rechargeable NiMH batteries provide current reserve. Elastic shock mount and carrying case are included. P48 (48V) phantom power is required.


Studio Vocals, Voice-over, Choir, Orchestra, Acoustic Instrument, Guitar Cabinets, Bass Cabinets, Strings, Piano, Cymbals/Overheads.

equitek e300s Specifications

Operating Principle:Externally-biased condenser
Polar Pattern:Cardioid, figure-of-eight, omnidirectional
Frequency Response:20Hz to 18KHz
Sensitivity:-34dBV (20mV) @ 1 Pa
Impedance:220 ohms
Max SPL:145dB, 1% THD
Self Noise:12dBA
Hi-pass Filter:135Hz, 6dB/oct
Power Requirements:P48, 8mA

Specifications are subject to change without notice

  • CAD Audio HA4 4 channel headphone amplifier

The HA4 is a compact stereo headphone amplifi er featuring four discrete channels with individual volume controls. Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio ensures optimum clarity and offers a transparent reproduction of your session. The HA4 is an essential tool for enhanced listening performance and a vital accessory for the recording musician.

  • Denecke GR2 Timecode Reader & Generator

Whatz Happening!

WindTech Popgard top # 1 Selling Popfilter in 1st Quarter

Please read the review of the PopGard on the Harmony Central website!
Link: http://www.harmonycentral.com/docs/DOC-2421

Lectrosonics UCR411a Digital Hybrid Diversity Receivers with PSC RF SMA setup
in February - Pic taken by LC

"Another local artist ( Band) goes for this Heil Sound microphone. " 

The PR 48 kick drum microphone starts with our 1.5" large diaphragm dynamic element sealed in a vulcanized shock mount and fed with a specially designed low pass filter that creates a +10 dB rise from 50 to 100 Hz. - right where the kick drum resonates. We built a + 4dB rise from 3.5 to 5 K to pick up the beater and drop off drastically after 8.5 K to eliminate any unwanted internal sounds. The total frequency response is 30Hz - 8.5kHz. Its rear rejection is -40dB @ 180° off axis. It can handle +148dB SPL.

Other products available: 
PR28 - The PR 28 is the premier drum microphone designed for toms, snares, bongo and many other applications
PR31BW - A 4" version of the PR 30. Same wide response, same marvelous Heil pattern, same -40 dB of rejection that is becoming THE 'go-to' microphone for every application. You will want to read more about Bob Workman's PR 31 BW.
HDK-8 - The HDK 8 contains 8 Heil microphones: 2 – PR 22  (snare and high hat), 1 
- PR 48 Kick drum, 3- PR 28, 3 - HH-1 mounts for the toms and 2 - PR 30B 
overheads.  The kit comes to you in a black hard-shell road case.
& more.

The True Systems P-SOLORibbon mic preamplifier is a single-channel, analog output, microphone/instrument preamplifier “super-tweaked” for superior performance with vintage and contemporary ribbon mics. With up to 76dB of gain (in 2 ranges), the P-SOLORibbon has an electronically balanced, high-impedance mic input, discrete FET instrument input, 80Hz High Pass Filter, a 4-segment LED bar graph level meter with signal present and overload indicators, plus a continuously variable gain control. The back panel offers both XLR and TRS balanced outputs for easy interface (and zero latency monitoring) in any system. 

• Superior results with ribbons and
dynamics and self-powered tube mics
• Up to 76dB gain, high input impedance 
• Discrete FET instrument input 
• HPF, dual outputs
• Internal linear AC supply 
• Compact desktop/portable case 
• Entry-level price for high-end performance
  Made in USA

Why P Solo Ribbon Preamp?
What you need when you have insufficient GAIN when connecting your dynamic/ ribbon microphone to your existing mixer, audio interface and even preamp? P Solo offers microphone gain of up to 76dB. 

Mic up your dynamic/ ribbon microphones with P Solo Ribbon and hear the difference. For musicians, broadcasters, podcasters, narrators, vocal artists etc. 

If you have further inquiries with regards to your microphone level, contact us and we can arrange for an A/B check at our local retail dealer's outlet.

Other available models: 
P Solo ( with 48V phantom)
P2 Analog 2 channel Microphone Preamp with M/S Decoder
P8i 8 channel Microphone Preamp
PT2- 500 500 series version of P Solo

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