Nov - Dec News!!

A new Range of products REaDy for the month of DEC!!

We are pleased to bring to our local clients & dealers True Systems microphone preamps with built in DIs.

We are pleased to annouce the agreement made between both compaines to have AudioBridge to distribute True Systems Microphone preamps in Singapore.

TRUE Systems is a product line of Sunrise Engineering and Design Inc., which is involved with consulting, design, and manufacture of electronic equipment used in professional audio production (recording and broadcast studios, concert halls, remote recording and live sound, etc.). The company has, over the last five years, designed or consulted on many studio and product concerns including the design of major, nationally known products for TimeLine Vista, Tascam, and our own brand name, TRUE Systems. TRUE Systems products are made in Tucson, Arizona.

"It is our great pleasure to work with Mr Tim Spencer, the Principal of Sunrise Engineering and Design Inc., on True System range of products."

Products arriving for the first time will include:

1 Channel
P-Solo ( New Upgraded version!!)

- P-Solo Ribbon

Non Phantom powered preamps. For Ribbon or any Dynamic Microphones!!!

-PT2 -500 500series module

2 channels
- P2 Analog

Multi channels
-Precision 8i 8 channel single rack preamp

Direct Sound EX29 headphones -
A headphone for musicians to monitor in any environment!
Monitor when you are not hearing something else!

- Not only due to its superb noise level attenuation, it is also comfortable to wear due to its lightweight design, gives a smooth and flat overall reproduction.

Unlike most isolation headphones designed to use at similar environment, the EX-29 plastic headband does not press on your head as much like some other headphones. It fits snugly but not pressing!

On top of these, one of the common complain from users about monitiring cans, is that some ear pads material used on headphones starts to " peel " after using for a period of time.
Some earpads using cloth/ velvet material turns brown and starts to "smell " bad. Yucks!!

The non bleeding design is amazing.
You play tracks will not bleed into a live microphone.
Visit our dealer. They will show you what it means.

Or visit: ( Watch Viedo#2)

Finally, you don't send it in for repairs. You don't need to wait. You get the parts from your dealers and you replace the parts yourself!!
visit: ( Watch Viedo#2)

Yes! Now, we also have local TV station, universities, schools using the EX29 during their outdoor audio recording sessions. 

Made in USA by Direct Sound

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