All in November

AudioBridge distributes Primacoustics by C-TEC Ltd for Singapore

This month's new items:
Recoil Stabilizer - RX12 and RX17
Isotools: ShowPad2,
Bass Traps: FullTrap

November Confirmed !
Local studio confirmed 6pcs of Nimbus Ceiling CLOUD for their studio setup.

Local studio installed 4pcs of Australis Bass Traps and Cumulus

Other products by C-TEC Ltd:
Radial Engineering
Zebra Case


  • Primacoustic improves Speakeasy’s studio facility

K-Tek Aluminum and Graphite AVALON poles selected for Media courses in Singapore by
Singapore polytechnic and ART institute.


2 new products from K-Tek have arrived!

K-Tek Toppers for Zoom H2N recorder and Sanken CUB01 Boundary microphone

Whatz New and Arriving in Dec 2011?

  • Rolls Corporation added 2 new mixers: 
MX36 MixCam and RM69 MixMate will arrive Singapore in Dec


MX36 - 2 channel mixer for your DSLR camera.

Made in USA

RM69 - 1U Rack mount mixer

True Systems Microphone Preamps will arrive Singapore in Dec

P Solo - Single channel Mic preamp and DI
A brand new product and first time in Singapore ( Upgraded version)
* Buy True System products only from our authorised dealers *
Available models in Dec: P-Solo, P-SoloRibbon, P2 Anaolg, Precision8i and PT2-500
made in usa

 For inquiries on these new products, please email: for product information and pricings.

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