New Products Arriving

September & October New Products!!

Before that, August - September 10 HOTTEST Products
  • CAD GXL 3000 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
  • CAD U37 USB Studio Microphone with popfilter package
  • Countryman B2D Miniature Directional Lavaliere Microphone
  • Heil Sound PR22UT Dynamic Hndheld Microphone
  • JamHub Tourbus ( Very Low in stock now! Grab before they are gone!                                                 Next Shipment's ETA End of October. JamHub has 0 inventory for Tourbus now. So we have to wait.)
  • Lectrosonics Microphone systems with SM series miniature transmitters
          1) SMV    :
          2)SMQV :
  • Nanuk Waterproof hard cases
  • Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers *
  • Rolls MA251H 20W/CH compact amplifier
  • Radial Engineering PROAV1 MultiMedia DI
* Recoil stabilizers
Clients comments:
1) They really work
2) Immediate improvement

Whatz confirmed in Singapore!!
Over 40pcs CAD Audio GXL series of mics and U37 USB microphones sold in August - September to local musicians/ singers.
  • Local studio installed Primacoustic Broadway Acoustic Panels ( More details will be updated shortly) 
  • Local educational institute chose our Primacoustic VOXGUARD  for recording
  • Local educational institutes/ schools inquiring and acquiring Jamhub products
  • Local film school picked Nanuk cases once again
  • Client chose HME 200series intercom system once again! 12 months after their first purchase, they are back for more!

Coming in September 2011 New products!!!

Acoustic treatment Kit
Primacoustic London 8 Kit 
Primacoustic London 16 Kit

Corner Bass Trap
Primacoustic CENTAURUS ( 2011 New product!)
The Centaurus™ is a full sized 24” x 48” corner bass trap that effectively

absorbs sound energy from 75Hz and up. Designed to be corner mounted
at ear-height, or stacked fl oor to ceiling, the Centaurus provides substantial
surface area for broadband absorption of all frequencies, while the corner
airspace created extends its effective coverage down into the low bass

The Centaurus is constructed from a fabric wrapped, high-density glass
wool Broadway panel. When installed in the room corner with the included
hardware, the Centaurus creates a 17” deep cavity behind the panel. This
air space provides signifi cant absorption in the problematic low-mid (100Hz
– 200Hz) region while seamlessly integrating with other Broadway panel
installations. Mounting is achieved using the included Primacoustic Corner

& more Primacoustic products arriving shortly!!

K&M new products
17515 ->> GUARDIAN 5 << 5 GUITAR STAND

Five guitar stand »Guardian 5«

19750 - iPAD table stand
iPad table stand

& more K&M stands and accessories arriving by September.

Rolls HA243 Studiophile headphone amplifier

Still loud, still sturdy, Made in USA
Simple but Good.

More units to arrive in Sep -Oct

Contact our dealer for more info.

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