What is in stock and what is coming in April!

In stock

1) Countryman Type85s and Type10s - 2011 New Product In stock!

  2) JamHub GreenRoom is in stock again!

We have all 3 models back in stock again: BedRoom, GreenRoom & TourBus

3) Radial Engineering PZ-DI - 2011 New Product In Stock!

4i) K&M iPad stand holder (19710) 2011 New Product!

ii) K&M Amp stand (28130) 2011 New Product!

iii) K&M MENPHIS PRO Guitar stand (17670) 2011 New Product!

iv) K&M Laptop stand (12155) 2011 New Product!

v) K&M Headphone holder ( 16080) 2011 New Product!

& many more products back in stock again!

5) Nanuk Waterproof Hardcases All models now available in stock again!

6) CAD Audio Microphones 2011 New Products are now selling @ our local retail outlet


D12 Dynamic Supercardioid Kick mic                      Stage 7 - Our most popular 7pcs drum microphone pack
DH100 - Drummer Isolation Headphones              U9 - USB Omni direction microphone with headphone output

More many more new products, which we will leave them for April.

Arriving in April( Confirmed!!)

1) Radial Engineering Workhorse 8 x 2 Summing Mixer Arriving in early April
with 500 series - Power Pre, Komit, X-AMP, JDV etc.

Long waited for and will be available in 1st week of April!!

2) CAD Audio 2011 NAMM New Products PartII


 Stage 4 - 4pc Drum Microphone Kit          MH310 Closed back Monitoring Headphones

Touring 7 - 7pcs Premium Drum Microphone kit

Thats not all as we are planning to bring in more products to you shortly..... We are working on it! Now!!
NOTE: Selected products will be on promotion in April.  Check out at local our retail stores....

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