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Arriving in Mar 2011

Chameleon Labs 7802 Stereo Opto Tube Compressor

The 7802 Stereo Opto-Tube Compressor started with a sonic target of the classic optical limiter that's a bit dark and very well known from the mid to late 60s. Is it a copy or replicate? No! What CL ended up with in the 7802 was their own take on the classic, very much in the sonic family but with circuitry that's a bit more modern. One key difference between this and the classic is the way they handle the optical circuit: they use LED's as emitters instead of the filament (light bulb). They see some high end manufacturers pitching this LED emitter in an optical limiter as their key innovation! & CL offers it for under US$1,000!

The 7802 makes use of several unique US parts that they buy and ship to the factory. CL starts with the Perkin Elmer Vactrol Optoisolator from Massachusetts, employ selected, more expensive, but better sounding National Semiconductor high slew rate Op Amps from California and follow that with a special "Burr Brown" Texas Instruments Op Amp. Again, CL uses their outboard power supply for the lowest possible noise. The 7802 uses high end parts throughout to make this is a wonderful bargain for that person seeking high end quality with the sound of an old school compressor.

2009 TEC AWARDS NOMINEE - Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category of Signal Processing Technology/Hardware

Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII Microphone Preamplifier & Equalizer
The 7602 Mic Pre & EQ input channel was CL first product in 2005 that started it all. The 7602 MKII is designed to deliver the "desert island preamp" sound you expect from English console inputs of the 70's along with 3 band EQ. CL incorporated a few, important functions like switchable input impedance to optimize the unit for ribbons/dynamics vs. condensers, a 4 LED input meter, a nice 4 frequency HP filter at 50, 80, 160 and 300 Hz to get rid of the low end junk clogging up your digital recordings and an adjustable high frequency section.

The 7602 MKII makes use of a high end 20 position solid gold gain switch manufactured and imported from Switzerland. This switch is designed for long term use and is typically found in very high end US or Euro units costing a lot more. For the DI input, where there is a lot of rough plugging and unplugging of a ¼ inch jack, we chose a US made Switchcraft DI input jack to greatly improve reliability over jacks that look the same but don't last. Expensive old school US made tantalum capacitors are now incorporated on the main output board because they sound significantly better in this design than our previously used electrolytic capacitors. That's how the original console input was made and we can hear why! CL uses only outboard power supplies for lowest noise.

"X-MOD" option offers British input and output transformers from Carnhill/Saint Ives Company, the source of vintage transformers used in the original console. In their view, the "X-MOD" is the only way to go but even without them the 7602 MKII is a remarkable bargain. The 7602 MKII full and warm bottom end and smooth, gentle top is perfect for tracking and a pair are ideal for mixing.

Chameleon Labs 7720 Stereo Bus Compressor

The 7720 Stereo Bus Compressor is perhaps CL's best achievement. High quality bus compression is a huge issue for mixers everywhere and the previous solutions were expensive. They started with a sonic target everyone is familiar with; the English console VCA compression system developed in the 80s. The heart of this console compression system was the dbx® VCA , designed by Les Tyler and now built by Les's company, THAT® Corporation.

The 7720's controls are set up as stereo device so that each control adjusts both channels. They included newer features, such as 5 switchable filters in the detector side chain: 60, 90, 130, 200 and 440Hz. This enables the user to custom tune the compressor behavior to prevent bass frequencies from triggering the compressor. In practice, this prevents the low end from dominating compressor activity. It makes a tremendous difference in the results! They also added a side chain input so that any input source can be the trigger for the compressor instead of the audio on the inputs of the unit. Metering of both input and output levels, on a VU meter, allows a fast and easy way to match the processed output gain of the unit compared to the input levels. From compression ratios as gentle as 1.5:1, to a more intense 10:1, the 7720 deserves to be across your final stereo bus.

Note: The above Chameleon LABs products include 12 months warranty from date of purchase.
Please retain the original invoice for verification when servicing is required.
Warranty covered for purchase made through authorised dealer/ stockist only.
Warranty does not cover shipping charges.

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