Acoustic Room kit

Primacoustic's London 12-ARC bundle combines a London 12 room kit with IK-Multimedia's award winning ARC room correction software to deliver unmatched performance in small room acoustics. ARC is a software based solution designed for DAW-based studios. The bundle includes stand-alone software to identify the room problems, a multi-platform plug-in for room correction and a fully calibrated test & measurement microphone for room measurement. The process is simple…Install your London 12 room kit in your room, do your measurements with the software and you will instantly enjoy the combined results of improved room acoustics with electronic room compensation.

The London 12 kit contains: Fabric wrapped fiberglass acoustic panels, all mounting hardware, impalers, wall anchors and instructions for easy installation.

"I am extremely impressed" ~ EQ Magazine

"It’s all good sonic medicine" ~ Mix Magazine
"Everything sounded clearer" ~ Electronic Musician
"I was astonished at what I heard" ~ Sound on Sound Magazine
"ARC gave us greater confi dence in mixing." ~ Computer Music Innovation
"It’s a Miracle!...Reverberations disappeared!" ~ Strumenti Musicali
"Stereo imagery snapped right into place" ~ Remix Magazine

Items         QTY          Size

1: Broadband Panels           2pcs            24" x 48" x 2"
2: Control Columns             8pcs            12" x 48" x 2"
3: Scatter Blocks               12 pc            12" x 12" x 1"
4: Surface Impalers  28pcs
5: Corner Impalers 8 pcs
6: Wall anchors/screws 100pcs
7: Drill Bit for anchors 1pc

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