2010 Year END New shipment!

PR35 Large Diaphragm DYNAMIC Handheld Microphone
now available with ON/OFF switch version.
The PR35s is now available in Singapore @ Hung Brothers Electrical Trading

2 new models PR22 -UT and PR22 -SUT ( switch version)
will be here with us soon!
It is still the same TEC award nominated PR22 
Low handling noise and high feedback rejection handheld dynamic microphone. 
Developed with ISO BAND tm, (patent pending) a special suspension system of Sorbothane rubber to eliminate low frequency handling noise.
UT ( Utility) versions include: 1 x PR22 mic with 1 mesh, 1 x foam windscreen, 1 x mic clip and 1 x zipper bag.

Do a comparison now at Hung Brothers Electrical Trading #03-83 Sim Lim Square before you decide what you really need for your audiences.
visit: http://www.heilsound.com/pro/index.php for latest updates and product informations.

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