Top Selling Studio & Live Sound Products

Primacoustic VoxGuard, CAD Audio GXL3000 Multi Pattern Studio Condenser, K&M 23150 Tripod Table Stand

Bellari RP220 Dual Channel Tube Microphone Preamp, Heil Sound PR40 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone, K&M Pop Killer & Microphone Desk Arm

 K&M 23850 Studio Desk Arm with PopKiller, Heil Sound PR40 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

Oktava MK-012 Small Diaphragm Condenser with Cardioid Capsule &
MK-012 Movie set  with Hypercardioid Capsule

                             HearTechnologies HearBack 4pack Monitoring System for Musicians
K&M 21070 Tripod Floor Microphone Stands with boom
HT: 1010-1720mm BL: 805mm

Direct Sound Extreme Isolation EX-29
for Drummers, Stage musicians, Sound Engineers, Recording Studios, Location Sound Recordist & also used in  Radio, TV Stations & Media Schools
Now EX-29 is also available in WHITE colour!!

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