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The Science
  An open microphone picks up a mix of direct sound (blue arrows) and reflected sound (red arrows).

 The VoxGuard baffel blocks reflected sound from entering the mic and the absorber layer minimizes reflections within the baffel allowing the dry vocal to be recorded.

 Where can you use VoxGuard
Application 1 – Recording Vocals In The Control Room

The most common application for the VoxGuard is using it to control the spill and reverberant field in a recording studio. Simply mount the microphone in the VoxGuard and you are set to go. For greater acoustic control, having the artist’s back to a treated wall surface can further reduce the ambient field. Often, artists find that singing in the control room to be uncomfortable. The VoxGuard provides an instant vanity screen that can calm the artist and improve the performance.

Application 2 – Isolating An Acoustic Guitar Instrument Microphone

When recording several instruments at the same time, spill between them can pose problems. The VoxGuard’s innovative design allows hand-held or instrument microphones to be used while providing an excellent means of attenuating other instruments from spilling into the mic. Simply mount the VoxGuard onto the microphone stand and the mic onto the VoxGuard… point and record! With VoxGuard you hear more of what you want and less of what you do not!

Application 3 – Recording A Podcast In The Field

With today’s world of instant messaging, fast paced news and field reporting, setting up a remote broadcast or recording arrangement in less than ideal environments has become common place. The VoxGuard opens the door to improved audio by eliminating powerful first order reflections while attenuating outside noise. This makes it ideal for quick table-top setups, hotel lobby interviews and on-site dialog replacement. Simply mount on a mic stand to create a boundary around the microphone. 
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