July Hot products

Okatava Movie Set 
Our Users: Independant recordists & local TV network

Countryman E6iD Directional Earset Microphone

Rolls HE18 Buzz OFF
Users: Local University Auditorium setups

Rolls HA43 Headphone Amplifiers
Users: Studios, Learning centres

Radial Engineering PROAV2
Users: Churches, TV network & School Auditorium

 Radial Engineering PRORMP
Users: Musicians and Studio Owner

To learn more about these products and their applications, please visit their respective product website for more details. (Click on Brands, which you can find under our Distributing products on Right) Or email to for info. & product details.
You can purchase all these items from our local dealer.
If you have any audio related issues, which you wish to find solutions, feel free to email us!
We will always try our best to solve  them for you.

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