August New Products ISOTOOLS by Primacoustics in SINGAPORE

ISOLATION TOOLS by Primacoustic will here in Singapore soon. Products will be available for sale at retail store. For more information, please email to:

The new IsoTool range in full:


An ambient noise attenuator, designed to mount on a microphone stand and surround a recording microphone, to help control the sound from entering the microphone by minimising the reflections in the room. 



This is designed to shield a drum mic and attenuate the sound of cymbals during recording. Small enough so that it will not get in the way and durable enough to sustain repeated abuse from drummers.


The TriPad is a tripod mic stand isolator designed to prevent vibrations from the stage and floor from entering the mic. By decoupling the mic stand from the floor, the TriPad can reduce the resonance created by drums, bass, foot-falls. Fits most tripod mic stands.


The KickStand is a microphone boom stand isolator designed to eliminate resonance vibrations from the stage, drum riser and studio floor from entering the mic. The KickStand is designed to help eliminate resonance by both decoupling the mic stand from the source, and introducing a stabilising mass to hold the microphone in place


Designed for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, TelePad allows the on-stage musician to position it on the microphone stand so that it can be used as a teleprompter for lyrics, song chords, playback, charts and set list. TelePad can be used for portrait and landscape viewing.

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